Saturday, 15 February 2014

The 'Candle-Light' PooP

One might have heard about 'candle-light dinner' n stuff related to that. I know it's romantic, lovely and unforgettable if the occasion is special n everyone would love to have that experience. Atleast once.

But have you ever tried lightning up two birthday candles in you toilet and taking a poop? Well I can tell you it's not at all romantic and there's nothing lovely and wanting about this one here. But as a matter of fact I must tell that it can also prove to be a big nightmare for one, if he/she is stuck up in a situation like this and the wind is blowing continuously and ferociously inside from the window as out there, there's a big thunderstorm making your two tiny incandescents give out blurry lighting, provided you have tiles up till the ceiling of your toilet making that lil blurry golden light reflect in the small dark room....

You, being already scared of darkness, are now shell-shocked with one almighty's lightning strike just a Km away from your place and then you end-up running out of your toilet screaming to the top of your lungs,'holy Shit! Mummiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!' Without wiping your ass.....  Well I agree Shit like this does happens sometimes and/or can happen to anyone anywhere in his/her small lifespan....

Provided, I  being a citizen of India which is  a developing country and whose government quite right now is corrupt and a vote-bank policy lover, ummm, (coming-back-to-the-topic) cuts the electrical supply of small towns, whenever it's raining. Giving the people who don't have an inverter connection to their toilets, dark toilets... I can assure you with a 101% guarantee that neither this is nor  was (AND I'M ALSO HOPING THIS WON'T BE) my case as I was sitting calmly on my toilet-seat with my super-bass SKULL-CANDY earphones on(worth just Rs1199)  writing this crap and enjoying rockin DJ music....

A deep meaning if you get it right...

Ol'rawnder Saini

" :- By someone unknown...

Oh kehndi apne STATUS vich mera zikr na krya kr.. Mai hasdi-vasdi aa,tu mera fikr na krya kr.. Apni PYAR kahani nu eve shabda vich na jadya kr.. Mainu kamli nu Suti pyi nu v aun hijkiya.. Hath jordia kamlya enna yaad na krya kr..     "

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V*r*n Sh*rm*
"I am gonna copy it bro.... "
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Ol'rawnder Saini
"for sure yr..."
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Va*r*n sh*rm*
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H*rry b*rn*rd
"hun usnu asi kinj smjhayie ki yaad krna je easy hunda ta asi top na krde colg vch"
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Ol'rawnder Saini
"kamli di yaad es layi a jandi aa coz kaafi time tak syllabus same c us sacche relationship ch for a long time. but school ch semester karke har 5 months baad syllabus change. tahi kamli yaad rehendi a school da sikhya ni. te rahi gal fake relationship di, tan ohde vich yaad kadi ni aundi coz munde da kudiyan wala syllabus v har 3-5 months baad change hunda rehenda wa... this whole thing might be long and might also sound funny but it has a very deep meaning in it. hope you understand it....."
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Monday, 2 December 2013


Here's a short story I wrote on the topic of FORGIVENESS.... hope you like it and enjoy it....
Feel free to leave any feedback you'd like to leave about the short story

Once I  went to father to reveal my sins and ask for forgiveness... As I was revealing my sins inch by inch the father was getting more and more freaked out! He sought out, that I'm really quite dangerous.. To which then I told him about the burden of the guilt for my unforgivable crimes that I had committed in my life so far, which now were killing me faster than all the deadly addictions in the world combined together.

To this Father smiled and replied,
"son when somebody throws a stone at you, there can only be three major reasons for that.
Firstly either he saw you do something wrong. 
Or secondly he somehow knows you did somethin wrong or suspects you did somethin wrong.
Or thirdly he's just a sick human who's escaped a mental asylum, n just likes to see other peoples head pop when the stone's achieves a 'bulls eye'...

Well honesty you cant do much about the escapees, as you know son, god has gifted each n everyone, with the best he could offer to every single human. But you know sometimes some defects just arise.. maybe they had done somethin wrong in the past for which they're being punished now. those timid docs say that it's coz of some brain malfunction but you know what? let's just toss out these silly degree holders, their postulates and stupid assumptions aside..with which they come up with something new every single new sunrise....
But, my son. You really can do a lot about the other two. Like For the one who saw you do the crime, wouldn't have actually seen you if you weren't doing that heinous thing at the very first place.
Now talking about the second, when you'be managed to sneak out clean or you somehow taken good care of the first or the first case never takes place which I personally don't think is your case, then all you gotta do is to fake 'em all, start a new life and never do that thing again.....

Well my son, since you're Here in front of me asking for 'forgiveness', theres only two reasons for that. Either you took good care of the guy who saw you at the first place BUT the sin's been eating you up inside or you haven't been faking around coz if you had, then you surely wouldn't have been siting here, confessing in this small 2x3 room.... 

See my son, our good lord knows everything. What good one has done or what bad one has committed. And likewise he's got surprises for every single ne of them. Good surprises for the good ones. Bad for the bad ones. Yet he has a place for forgiveness in his heart, be it that one killed 'a' person or 'a' grand. Be it one raped 'a' young girl or 'a' dozen old ones. Be it one stole from 'a' rich or from 'many' poverty stricken...

That lord, he has a big heart. He forgives every single one no matter how bad his sin might be. But for that, there's  just one and only one condition.... 'To start a new life for the good, by the good and with the good...'

Do that my son, and all your sins shall be forgiven. And that, I guarantee you.....

Now go live your life, son. I've got a feeling coming from deep inside my heart saying that, 'this owner of this very depressed voice, HAS some GOOD SURPRISES awaiting him in his near future ..... "

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dukh tab hota hai...

Here's a quick view to all the feelings one might feel, while missing his frnds. While talking to his frnds. While recalling what happened with them again in the past... The sweet memories...equivalent to a few drops of tears while they are on his mind.
A special thanks to someone for giving me the opportunity to write this. By giving me the sweet memories to cherish again in between a hard time....

Dukh tab hota hai,
Jab do dost jhagad kar
Hamesha k liye juda Ho jate hai.

Khushi tab hoti hai,
Jab wahi do bichde dost jhagad kar bhi
Fir se hamesha k liye dost ban jate hai.

Sukoon tab milta hai,
Jab wo dost Apni meethi meethi yaadein,
Fir se yaad kar muskurate hai.

Aur Dard tab hota hai,
Jab wahi dost apne bichadne ki baat,
Yaad kar us par vartalaab karte hai.

Par asal jeene ka maja tab ata hai,
Jab wahi dost hamesha k liye saath rehne ki,
Hamesha Ek doosre ki madad karne ki,
Aur Ek doosre ko kabhi na Bhoolne ki,
Kasam khaaya karte hai...

Tabhi is dil ko Aur jeene ki tamanna hoti hai,
Tabhi Ye insaan maut se apne liye kuch Aur samay jeene ko maangta hai...

Shetti Bhulda Ni

These here are some few lines which I wrote with a heavy heart not long ago. Hope you like em....

Maneya sadi qeemat tere layi kuj ni a,
Maneya hun asi tere kuj lagde v ni a,
Par tu v es Saini di ik gal jaan le sajjna,
Ki jehra v dil de kolo ehde ik vaari nangda eh na,
Ohnu eh banda enni shetti bulda ni a.

:-Ol'rawnder Saini
Somethin from the deepest part of my 'hurt-heart'

Mitzie Poem

This here is a poem that my classmate gave me as a beautiful gift. It is somethin that I think I won't be forgetting till my last breath... This little rhyme is based on a true incident. I would really like to thank her for giving me a rare moment to cheer... Thanks Mitzie....

You were sitting like 3 on a bench of 2,
Though I had a vacant seat just for you.
I asked you to come back n sit with me,
Tapping on your shoulder, asking gently.
You said a BIG NO by nodding your head,
Transforming my live heart to stone cold dead.
But despite of all that, I was still staring at your hair,
Wishing my fingers to be amongst them.
I wish I could say, "yoyre looking pretty"
Standing face to face with the beauty.
But all I can is curse my luck for not being that good.
Exactly like this rhyme which also ain't that good.
But I believe in a thing called TRYING,
known to be better than sitting alone and CRYING!!!!

Some quotes #3

A quote with its deep meaning, a quote which the journey of my life taught me... A quote that I'm today sharing with all of my blog readers...

If I like to hear sorry being said, then I should love saying sorry as well...

:-Ol'rawnder Saini